Luke Simon facilitates healing work for spiritual growth. Through listening, divination and energy healing, sessions address blockages and open the heart to transformation and renewal.

Breathwork is an active and shamanic re-connection experience. Reiki is restorative and soothing for the subtle body. Tarot readings open a dialogue of the growing and lessons that are unfolding. Luke uses intuition and spiritual philosophy to give insights. The modalities work together and can be combined.

Known for his ability to translate esoteric concepts and make them relevant to today, Luke seeks to share knowledge and practices that help people be more themselves, and live their dreams. His work has been written about in and the New York Times. He has contributed crystal insights to Well+Good and Vogue.

Originally from New Mexico, Luke graduated from Sarah Lawrence College and has shared his passion for spiritual growth for the past decade. Luke’s intention is to connect to the beauty, harmony and joy within.

Breathwork Healing: $120 / 55 minutes
Reiki Healing: $120 / 55 minutes
Tarot Reading: $120 / 55 minutes
Mystic Healing: combo of Tarot reading & Reiki or Breathwork Healing: $180/ 85 minutes

Fridays Only noon-6pm 
Mini Tarot Reading: $54/ 25 min
Reiki, Breathwork Healing or Tarot: $108/55min
Mystic Healing combo BW or Reiki & Cards​: $150/85min

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“I am experiencing miraculous (both in immediacy and depth) benefits from our session. I am -in totality- “on”. — Lauren

"During and after our session, I definitely felt a new and deeper connection with my soul, and I know that is in part to the way he held space for me and the way he SAW me. He is a TRULY gifted intuitive and healer." -- Kathleen

"Luke creates an energy and space that welcomes all parts of you to be present and I'm grateful for the experience! I left the session with a smile on my face and received many comments when I got back home that I looked different, that my face looked more fleshed out. It was only a short session but the acceptance and ease with which the session was held allowed me to soften and receive. Thank you Luke!" -- Loren

“I haven’t felt that type of bliss for a long time.” –Bonnie