Luke Simon

Luke Simon

Luke has moved upstate and is learning to garden. He will be offering Reiki trainings and private sessions upstate, and eventually Breathwork workshops. Join his mailing list on his website to stay up to date at

Luke Simon shares Reiki, Breathwork and Tarot to shift energy and get people on track to their Purpose. Luke believes we are in a transformational time on this planet, and don't have time to waste in doubt, confusion or negativity. He seeks to go straight in, to open the heart and free the past. Every session is a space for your soul to be seen, heard and supported. Luke often helps clients process life lessons into gratitude and wisdom. The intention is to create sacred space for clients to remember their spiritual essence and purpose.

Luke is a co-founder of Maha Rose Center for Healing in Brooklyn and his healing work has been written about in The New York Times and Vanity


“I am experiencing miraculous (both in immediacy and depth) benefits from our session. I am -in totality- “on”. — Lauren

"During and after our session, I definitely felt a new and deeper connection with my soul, and I know that is in part to the way he held space for me and the way he SAW me. He is a TRULY gifted intuitive and healer." -- Kathleen

"Luke creates an energy and space that welcomes all parts of you to be present and I'm grateful for the experience! I left the session with a smile on my face and received many comments when I got back home that I looked different, that my face looked more fleshed out. It was only a short session but the acceptance and ease with which the session was held allowed me to soften and receive. Thank you Luke!" -- Loren

“I haven’t felt that type of bliss for a long time.” –Bonnie