Astrology is the art and science of the cycles of life. The natal birth chart is our road map and living weather report.

Leslie Galbraith practices the sacred art of astrology. She uses the natal birth chart as a map of our soul's intent to bring awareness to the strengths and challenges we all have as well as looking at the karma of past life impressions in our current lifetime. Focusing on the position of planets today in relation to our natal birth chart can help to bring to light where we are at in our cycle of this beautiful joy called life.           

$150 for 55 minute first time reading (in-person or via phone - please call to reserve a phone session)

$100 for 55 minute follow up reading (in-person or via phone - please call to reserve a phone session)

These in-depth sessions require advance research and at least one day notice.

B O O K  I N- P E R S O N . S E S S I O N . O N L I N E 

Not based in NYC or just prefer a reading from the comfort of your own home? Leslie also offers phone sessions!

To book a phone session, please call :

between 11am and 7pm at 718-757-2758

***Please include your Birth date, time and place in the Notes field as you check out

Please review our cancellation policy before booking.


"Thank you so much for giving me a reading, it has helped me tremendously. I have listened to it multiple times which has enabled me to see points in a different way and has brought me extra insight. It is day 3 for me here in Vancouver and I have taken your advice and have been dream journaling, being kind to myself, slowing down in the morning and giving myself permission to enjoy. I am now determined to make positive habitual acts in my day to day so that I can jump back onto a good path. I am ever so grateful" - Angela G. 

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