Sound Healing

Sound Healing operates from the principle of resonance, vibration, and a body-mind integrated approach to wellness. We are in constant motion through our breath, heartbeat, blood flow, and cellular movement. Through entrainment of bio-rhythms, the sound healer "tunes in" to each person with whom they work, learning from the wisdom of the body where tension is being held and how to release it.

Instruments used in sound healing help the regulate and calm the nervous system, boost energy, let go of energetic blockages, and release emotions in order to facilitate the healing process that is inherent in all of us.

Bio-Sonic Tuning forks, Tibetan and crystal bowls, and Indian shruti box drones for vocal toning and release are used in each session. Although there are certain instruments used, there is no formula in sound healing as it is catered to each individual who seeks this particular healing modality. Through dialogue and open communication, safety and respect, the dialogue begins and the wisdom of the body brings forth the information needed for healing to take place.

Debbie Attias

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