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Remote Sessions

Reiki translates from Japanese to ‘Universal Life Energy.’ It is a harmonizing, high vibration, purifying energy that has its own natural intelligence. This energy works on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, helping to bring us back to our natural state of peace and wellbeing. Transmitted through gentle touch, Reiki has the ability to comb out the kinks of the energetic body: balancing, smoothing, soothing, and calming.

Some practitioners offer combination healing sessions, and sessions with a special focus. Browse their individual pages for more info. 

All Sessions are available Remotely, from the comfort of your home. Please select session the with title "Online" to book an online session. 

Please review our cancellation policy before booking.





Maha Rose also offers Reiki Trainings: Level 1, 2 and the Reiki Masters Course. Reiki is a wonderful healing method to use on yourself and share with others. Check our workshops page for upcoming reiki training dates.