Hump Day Oracle for Wednesday 1/27

By: Rebecca Conran

We are already at the end of January 2016, and what an intense month it has been! This morning I decided to pull from my very inspiring "Journey of Love" oracle deck and low and behold the reason everything has been breaking apart as of late...

Love! Love, Love and more Love. This "Lovers" card is not to be confused with the traditional tarot card which can be about love and partnership but also tends to be about inner balance and harmony. This oracle card is a simple and clear confirmation that your yearning heart shall have what it desires, love is on it's way. What you seek is seeking you, but you must be that which you seek. To attract love into our lives we must be in the vibration of love. I love my dog! I love my home! I love my breakfast! When we are in love with ourselves and our lives, we are open to receiving the love and partnerships we long for. 

The support card "Find the blessings in your current situation" is sage advice to get to this place of attraction. What have you learned from past experiences with love? What can you be grateful for? What are the positives of your current situation? Get clear about what you want, focus on how you want to feel going forward, and then each evening before you sleep write down 5 or more things you are grateful for. This ritual brings peace to the mind, joy to the heart, and love into your life. 

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