Hump Day Oracle for Wednesday 1/20

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By Rebecca Conran

The imagery and the message is strong in the reading today, but so are you!

Our main card today is "Disruption" or #TheTower in traditional #tarot. This card speaks to having built pieces of our experience upon faulty foundations which eventually must come down so that we can rebuild with truth and authority. We are in a process of major change which can be extremely painful as things fall apart. #Saturn in #Sagittarius for the next 2 years has us searching for truth, and the #astrology this week has ignited our wounds. The falling apart doesn't have to be a physical out picturing either, it can be a falling apart of old self limiting belief systems and negativity inside of us. Whatever seems to be falling apart, a relationship, career, housing situation or if you feel this way internally, this is a time to let go of the old and focus on rebuilding in a healthy, loving and empowered way. You are being asked to connect more fully with your divine self, your divine worth.

This really brings in our support card "Temptation" or #theDevil card in traditional tarot. This is a card of #addictions and addictive behavior. This can be about negative self talk, limiting beliefs we hold about ourself, co-dependency in relationships, or issues with unhealthy practices to do with work, sex, food and substances like alcohol. Whatever the poison, addictive behaviors hold us outside of our self worth, self love and self esteem. There is much support available for healing addictive behaviors but it all starts and finishes with the individual practicing new healthy loving habits. How can you incorporate some self care in to today? What new healthy habits can you create discipline around this week?

All of this is building into our #fullmoon this weekend where we are called to energetically release and transform these old paradigms and to focus on our new empowered intentions. Even when it's not, all is well.

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