Hump Day Oracle for Wednesday 1/13

By: Rebecca Conran

As we collectively heal from the passing of David Bowie, we see that many of us are united by the creativity of this wonderful truly authentic artist. Todays cards are very much in congruence with that energy, "The Rebel" challenges us to live our truth regardless of societies norms or conditioning. From childhood we are often told there is only one way to have a happy life, we are told that working at a job that we are unfulfilled by for financial security is the key to happiness, and we are dissuaded in following our passion and our dreams. Todays cards tell us that the keys to your happiness actually lie in your doing what makes your heart sing. This doesn't mean going and quitting your day job, but it is asking us to be courageous enough to live in greater authenticity of who we are and to be brave enough to pursue our dreams in one way or another. 
The support card is "Artistic Expression". The expression of art in any form, is the expression of the human experience. Each human being has the right and the ability to express their experience though artistic means, wether it be photography, painting, singing, dancing, writing or by any other means. Many people feel that talent is needed to be artistic, this is untrue as art and talent are subjective. All you need to do to be creative is have the interest and follow through. What do you love to do creatively? This card urges you to make time to let the divine flow through you through artistic expression today. 


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