Hump Day Oracle for Wednesday 1/6

By: Rebecca Conran 

With the intense astrology this week, including Mercury stationing retrograde yesterday it's no wonder we are receiving some strong messages from spirit to rest today. "Exhaustion" aka the #nineofwands doesn't mince words in it's meaning. This is a card of our self made anxiety, worry and burden. The message of this card is about all the unnatural routines we put ourselves through in the hopes of being safe. You are safe. Your spirit can never not be safe. The way we try to control our outer events is a mirror into our own self worth. Do you fee that if you don't control every aspect of your life and future planning that good things won't come to you or you won't be deserving? Abundance and manifestation are ultimately about self love. If we are taxing our physical and emotional bodies through constant doing we cannot fully be in the state of receiving that is our innate birth right. What are you truly worried about today and is this worry truly legitimate in this moment or is it a concept your mind is running away with? Breathe and take a step back. Your soul is calling out for more rest. Put your self care rituals and daily spiritual practice first starting today. 

The support card is "Patience" or the #sevenofpentacles. All of your hard work will pay off in divine time. The gardner doesn't keep digging up his seeds to make sure they are growing, he simply waits until the plants break ground. Like the pregnant woman in this image, all that we can do at this time is wait patiently for the returns on our investments. What goes around comes around, and injecting the present moment with your hope, adventure and curiosity will bring you greater fulfillment than worry and fear. What can you do today to nurture and rest? 

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