Hump Day Oracle for Wednesday 12/23

By: Rebecca Conran 

Our leading oracle today is "Balance". This card reminds me of a Wayne Dyer quote that says when you squeeze an orange, you can expect that orange juice comes out. When our circumstances squeeze us, we can expect what's inside us to come out. If what's coming out is anger, hurt or resentment we need to pay attention to bringing harmony to our inner life as well as our outer experience. This card today is reminding us that some lifestyle adjustments may be necessary at this time to create balance mentally, emotionally and physically as what we see out pictured in our reality is reflective of our inner conflict. What self care rituals can you employ for yourself through the holiday weekend to create better balance?

The support card "Fertility" reminds us to achieve balance through nurturing. This card represents feminine mother energy. We are deep in our manifestation work right now, and patience is required as our desires incubate. This is a time for soft gentle care and kindness. If you find that you are missing nurturing in the form of a mother or mother figure, go to the great mother, nature. Her loving arms are always waiting for you.

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