Hump Day Oracle for Wednesday 12/16

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By: Rebecca Conran

Are you feeling the love? Todays card "Spiritual Union" tells us that love is indeed a topic on all of our minds lately. This card tells us that relationships involving deep emotional bonds are being worked on in the greater consciousness, it could be with lovers, family members or even business associates. This card is about the coming together of souls, but it also reminds us that relationships ultimately, are all about us as the individual. The love we feel in relationships is a mirror into the love we feel for ourselves. If we find that the energy is unbalanced in relationships, we must work to create balance within ourselves. If we find that our partnerships don't give us the love we desire, we must work to create that love within ourselves. Self love is the greatest love of all, and is the basis for healthy and happy relationships. 
Regardless of the status of our relationships at this time, they are all opportunity's to gain the wisdom necessary for our souls growth which we are reminded of with the card "Undying Love - the love you have shared is eternal, regardless of the situation". We find that our lessons do come to completion in our lifetime. Relationships end and new ones begin. The idea that we can lose love is a human misperception. The love we have shared with others always remains with us. We are much more than our human bodies, our spiritual selves that reside in these bodies are always connected to one another through love which has the highest vibration of all energy. If you are experiencing a break up or difficulty at the moment, you are healing. Keep the lessons and the love and release the rest of the story. New love is always on the horizon. 

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