Hump Day Oracle for Wednesday 12/9

By: Rebecca Conran 

We have all been through the spiritual and emotional ringer for the past few weeks (...or all year in some respects) and we're not through with that astrology yet. "Ixchel" is a mayan moon goddess who reminds you that you are not only being healed right now but you also that you are a healer. The healer first heals themselves. They then have the compassion and understanding to channel this healing power for others. You are a channel for divine insight and power. This card reminds you to seek out the divine through meditation, convening with like minded people, and to be a student of your healing. Even when things seem to be chaos around us, all is being healed. 

The second card "Listen" tells you that you hear the divine best when you stop distracting yourself and resisting your own company. Our intuition works through being in tune with our true feelings. This card is asking us to stop pushing and trying to make things happen and retreat into the loving arms of the divine for guidance. Take rest and remove distractions and have a conversation with the divine today, just close your eyes, speak with your mind and listen to the love and support that is always there for you. 

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