Oracle Card Reading for Thursday, Dec 3rd

By Rebecca Conran

Not only has it been a physical deluge in NYC the past two days, but it has also felt like an emotional one! This month our #chiron astrology is lit up, meaning our wounds are coming up front and center again. Two main cards popped out today, the first is the four of swords in traditional tarot or "Rest and Rejuvenate". This also came up on Doreen Virtues daily card reading yesterday and it's a strong theme this month. Swords represent the workings of the mind, now is not the time for pushing too hard and overthinking, it's time to allow ourselves the rest we need to process our emotional and mental states. You won't think your way into the future, you must be present and live into it. Meditation, being with spirit and standing back from your current experiences to gain a different perspective are the focus. The Second card is an action/energy card the two of wands or "The Waiting Game". Perhaps you have in recent times set some new intentions or made some big choices. You have put the wheels of change into motion and now you are waiting for the seeds you've sewn to come into fruition. Uncertainty can be scary we can wonder, did I make the right choice? We can also try to move forward too aggressively rather than pacing ourselves and face restriction which can be frustrating. Keep your mind and heart on the positive, focus on the riches you do have, make small daily steps, and honor yourself for the leaps of faith you have been taking. All the things you desire are being manifest, allow spirit to work through you guiding you through synchronicity. 
Our support card is "Health and Healing". You are healing. The painful circumstances of your life are being healed. Keep the focus on grounding into your beautiful physical body, getting support through these times from others and sharing that healing with those who need it too. 
With Love, 

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