Hump Day Oracle for Wednesday 11/11

By Rebecca Conran

Today we have a powerful New Moon in Scorpio and an auspicious date 11:11. When we see the sequence 11:11 it reminds us to be conscious of our thoughts, for they are co-creating our reality. Do our thoughts support our worth, health & happiness? This is a wonderful time of manifestation, but if our thoughts don't support our dreams, we cannot bring them into reality. 

Our main card today "Stand Your Ground" comes at a time when we as a collective are being tested. It's imperative that we remain clear and focused and in our choice. This is a time to fortify your truth, your values and beliefs. You can get through this time and this will be the experience your wisdom is made of. In order to stand your ground, it is so important to stay physically healthy. Self care is the simplest yet most powerful tool we have. It says everything I eat, everything I do, I do because I deserve health and happiness. Is that true for you? If not start a radical self care routine today. 

There is no surprise that our supporting advice today is "Let It Go". This tells us to stop forcing, controlling and manipulating our outer circumstances to fit our expectations. Our resistance to the flow of life causes us frustration and blockages. Let everything go to spirit, let things unfold in divine timing. There are always factors at work that we don't see or comprehend, but know that whatever your hard time is now, you are moving into a place of greater peace and harmony and the universe is here to support you ✨

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