New Moon in Scorpio: Soul Fire & a Gold Dust Woman

By Bekka Wolfson

In the midst of the more dramatic recent cosmic patterns and explosive alignments, November's Scorpio Moon of Beginnings and Initiations  will offer us a triumphant repose; a sweet return into the body of the earth. You may find yourself savoring the daily doing of life, devoting to work and creative passions with a calm discipline. She leads us towards the ancient Kore (Persephone) mystery, and the pause before birth, the liminal holding between creation and surrender, between past and future, a subterranean equipoise.

Despite the potentially deep terrain, this is actually a lighter Moon than you might expect. She aligns softly with Jupiter in Virgo, and is still humming with the vibes of the recent Mars-Venus pas-de-deux. Honor the tantric power of this Moon by taking breaks to explore preparing your favorite food with new herbs, simple fresh ingredients, setting into motion a new discipline rooted in pleasure and grounding rituals of self-containment.

This moon invites us to process recent changes and insights, before the wild crush of the holidays and the New Year. Use the evocative melancholy and internal wisdom of November to dump any smouldering resentments piled up or buried from the eclipses and squares of the last 3 years.

Don't worry if you find yourself saying no to any extraneous requests or invites. Go on and do it. Covet your precious solitary time now, be frugal with your energy.  Reserve your earnest passion and sincere delight for saying yes to all those very very right things.  Here you will discover the fine cutting edge of this New Moon's subtle passion; it knows better now; you know better now. Here we reap domestic reward for the wild transits of the last few years, of Uranus In Aries and Pluto's transformative tribulations. We know now. We are finally seeing clearly beyond the Libran North Node's recent traversing of ancient and nasty relational bullshit that kept us small and mired and blaming. Transcend, my pretties, and fly on, walk on, whisper the truth first just to yourself and the dark night, but get ready, the larger stage beckons off in the near-distant horizon. Be Persephone reborn, spitting pomegranate seeds at the sky.

Get it done now, this Moon invites you on a pleasant saunter through the Plutonic underworld, guided by good fortune and clear sight. Toss the old now, don't wait for the New Year. Watch out for any compulsive criticism, projection or blaming, such urges are actually your own darkness ready to be metabolized. Before you try to throw the hot potatoe of your feelings onto your loved ones, check in with your own vulnerablity. What (or who) are you protecting? Engage yourself with an internal or therapeutic dialouge that guides you back to your own powers of discerning passion. Do not even bother playing the old games, and if you feel you are shouldering remnants of other people's darkness from recent difficulties, take these next few weeks to free yourself. Consider a planting ritual, perhaps creating some container plants, a small secret indoor garden, and fertilize it with all the old psychic shit that you are ready to bury!

Be Mother, Maiden and Crone, call on all these parts of you for their distinct wisdom, and offer it back to your feminine psyche, innocent, ancient, and maternal. (even if you are male-identified, we all carry the duality of gender archetypes within.) If you are feeling triggered around family relationships, or maternal difficulties, allow yourself to feel into all the strife in order to bid it adieu. This New Moon travels into the land of Persephone, echos of lost innocence and betrayals, but she is no ravaged Lolita. Here we have Persephone, gone underground, voluptuously tasting each of her Pomegranate seeds amidst the coming of the long calm winter.

This moon nicely precedes the mass hypnosis of the Western Holiday Season, with the overhyped and glittering delusions, the projections and hopes and family shapes, we have a sweet darkness before us. The darkness that precedes creation and offers it a fertile opening. There is a pleasantly yawning quality to this new moon, a stretching and feline langurousness that is the other side of Scorpio's reputable intensity; an exquisite sensation of embodiment. Here we discern a kind of pleasurable devouring of the beats of life, a presence of mind that too easily eludes us in the accelerated and self-conscious momentum of contemporary life. If you go deeply into this cosmic moment, you will experience your awareness as both in and out of time. Our bodies carry an ancient knowing that this New Moon in Scorpio guides us towards, if we know how to listen with the flesh, as the Jupiter in Virgo Influence brings us into a very direct experience of our specific being, at once precise and expansive.

This moon should offer a real silver lining to anyone who wants to finish putting down hard work on creative projects, particularly by breaking down larger vision into short-term goals to be completed for the next month. Despite the silken texture of this moon, it is not a luxury of high-fashion, it is durable, meant to be worn, felt, seen, and known. We move through this moon, over the next month, into some potentially quite durable new gestures. A chance to enjoy the fastidious accomplishments that deserve our attention before the sweeping madness of incipient holiday pressures.

This is the catnap that precedes the hunt. The lion waking up to sniff the air, sense the wind, and calculate with unerring intution, the next stalking movements.

Be careful about getting overly expansive, keep your goals in the crosshairs of the visionary, the new and the precisely grounded. The visions should be easily captured, having been prepared or courted over the last year's Jupiter In Leo, now with the lethal and elegant persistince of a Scorpio Moon and Jupiter In Virgo, we are ready to manifest and shape the thing itself.

Again, be careful, don't push as hard or fast as you can, let yourself move slowly with great pleasure and the sublime profundity of time's passing through her eternal everyday measurements. (Measure twice, cut once.)

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