Hump Day Oracle for Wednesday 10/21

By Rebecca Conran 

Today we got a little further insight into the collective challenges within our relationships. The "Codependency" card says that the current struggles we are facing are from our own cravings for unhealthy behavior. This card tells us "addictions numb the heart to pain, but they also diminish it's capacity to love". Codependent behavior can run the gamut of obsessively needing contact with others, to isolation tendencies, to misuse of substances and sex as a short term fix to our lonely feelings. In order to build healthier relationships with others, we need to have a healthier relationship with ourselves. Self love is the love that all other love stems from. How are you feeling about yourself today? If you have trouble seeing yourself as loving, lovable or loved, there needs to be a focus on self nurturing and healing at this time. Right now there is a strong cosmic call to action for radical self care, putting our health and supportive friendships first. 

Our support card is no surprise. "Spiritual Law of Attraction" says that when we are not whole and complete, we will only attract partners who also fail to meet their own needs. These relationships can be fantastic learning tools, but for longevity in love, both partners need to be interdependent and fulfilled outside of the bounds of one relationship. The universe wants for us what we want for ourselves. So if we don't feel lovable, we attract partners who can't or won't love us as unconditionally as we desire. Getting into the frequency of love means loving your life, loving yourself, this very moment, as a way to attract more love into your life in every avenue. If you have a hard time loving your life, start small. Did you love your breakfast today? Do you love the sunshine? Do you love your pet or friends? Love is a feeling, so feel the love. 

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