Hump Day Oracle for Wednesday 10/14

By Rebecca Conran 

Todays card is such a gift, because it's all about the present! "Moment to Moment" reminds us that the concept of time is something that humans have created to manage our accomplishments. The preoccupation with the past and the future keeps us attached to periods of time that do not exist, and it takes us out of our beautiful and expansive present moment. This card asks, what is happening here and now? The future looks a lot like more of this moment, so how can you make this moment feel good to you? If you have trouble coming out of dark periods, find things to be grateful for, people, places, things, experiences- being grateful in the present moment helps to bring more feelings of contentment and pleasure your way. 

Our supporting card is the goddess "Aine". This cards reminds us that we are happiest when we are in our choice. Choose what makes your heart sing, you can always choose again. Indecision is the death of passion, so make a choice. The universe conspires for us, follow your bliss. All is well. 

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