Hump Day Oracle for Wednesday 10/7


By Rebecca Conran 

 Today we have a three card reading because the universe does what it wants when sending us information! ha

Our leading card is "Recognition & Reward". This is such a positive card, representing our earthly and physical realities and shows us that the beautiful things that are coming together in our lives, whether home, career or relationship related, represent well earned rewards. You deserve the possibilities you are now seeing, and more possibilities are in the works. This is a card to be diligent about the type of foundation you are laying down right now in order to manifest all of your hearts desires and that is why we also received the "discontent & boredom" card. This is an emotional card and it speaks to a bad habit of seeing what you don't have rather than a grateful heart for what you do have and the discomfort that this kind of perception brings us physically and spiritually. See which cups are full in your life and don't miss the forrest for the trees. 

The third card which popped out today along with the two others is the "solar plexus chakra" card. Your solar plexus energy center is located in your belly and is the seat of the emotions. It holds all of your recorded beliefs and conditioning.This card says the solar plexus is in need of some energy healing, that there are some places in you that still don't believe you are worthy of the rewards you are now seeing. This is old patterning and it can take time to re-write the self limiting beliefs. This card says what when you feel triggered into seeing only judgement and fear when good things are happening in your life, it is time to nurture yourself like a small hurt child. Pour in hopeful thoughts, a healthy physical routine and lots of support from other healthy friends and teachers. 

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