Hump Day Oracle for Wednesday 9/30

By Rebecca Conran

Our card today is "The World". This card is a powerful confirmation of the work you have done lately and the precipice to which you now stand. This is a time when we are actually living our dreams. Is the relationship or career you've always wanted manifesting in your life right now? This can bring anxiety if we feel that in some way we don't deserve the type of contentment we have always desired that feels so close to fruition now. This card reassures you that you are more than worthy of making your dreams come true, so don't let limited beliefs hold you back Sent from my iPhone

The support card "Intention" reminds us that our thoughts feelings create our experiences. See yourself as successful. See yourself as content and peaceful. See yourself loving and being loved. See yourself living your dreams. Hold these positive intentions for yourself, knowing that you were born worthy to receive all that your heart desires.

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