Weekend Astrology Report: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aries: Life Is But a Dream

by Bekka Von Volf

Supermoon, Full Moon, Blood Moon, Harvest Moon. This moon carries many
names and mythos, but it comes down (or rather up) to this: To What
Shall You Devote Your Being? (your being: the heart, the bones and the
blood and the dreams and the guts.) Who deserves you? The question is
not, and please consider this distinction, the question is not, who do
you deserve, but rather, who and what deserves your truest devotion?
What service can you offer this world that will reflect back to you
with joy or at least hope? How can you redeem yourself through beauty?

Mirroring is a central concept in developmental psychology: the
process of seeing and being seen is the process by which children
discover their own being and connect their inner life to the larger
world around them. It begins, and so all of us begin, with a search
from inside out. We look outside of ourselves, to find who we are, but
we lose our intrinsic awareness in the process, as we learn to
instinctually hide bits and pieces of our vulnerable sensory truth. As
we grow up, it gets more and more complex, it becomes a game of
doubling, trebling, reverse reflection, a hall of mirrors, and
eventually all hell breaks loose, because it is all duplicates and no

Too much degrading of the original image tends to dilute the vision.
And so, in time, we must renew the original search for a mirror. This
search is often called by the name of love. When the Full Moon In
Aries eclipses the Sun In Libra, the basic urge for your own iconic
quixotic dream will rise triumphant. Let the masks fall away, don't
worry about anything except bringing your precious life energy to a
new and emerging hope, rooted in the fertile soil of your own dead
past and former dreams.

 Saturn has moved into the heady higher burning vision of Sagittarius.
Is the worst over? Well, in a way... Jupiter has landed in the
devotional realm of Virgo, Mercury is making peace with the past as it
retrogrades in Libra, and Uranus continues to boil in Aries along with
the Full Moon.

Now, the the real work begins. If it feels like a very unmythical end
of the world, it may well be. We are still here.  So what do we do?

Keep going; straight into the bittersweet voluptuous and absurd end of 2015.

Enter these next few months like a delighted stranger on a melancholic
night. Assume that you have chosen everything and nothing. You are
here for no other reason than to love wildly and tenderly the majestic
absurdity of this strange and humming bodyland. Connect truly, and
toss the rest. Minister peace and courage, and suffer fools but do not
allow them to hurt the vulnerable (including yourself).

Observe your precious foibles and wild horrors with stylized honor and
the antediluvian understanding that there must be no other way. Life
is a secret garden of delightful grindstone apocalypse. You are a
comic book Camus, a heroine of the highest order, and you vow, from
this day forward, to free yourself and the world from the petty
concerns of the uninitiated.

Let remorse translate into joy under this full moon on an unknown
future. Your body is free, even when your mind hangs full. Assume the
odds are stacked against you; that's fine. Let it whet your
bloodthirst for justice and soothsaying and go forth into the night
anyways. You don't have a choice, so you may as well enjoy it.

That is what happens when Aries Wild Yowl penetrates Libran
equilibrium. Life is but a dream, sweetheart.

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