Hump Day Oracle for Wednesday 9/23

The card today "Conflict and Defeat" tells us that there is a need for sensitivity towards yourself and others at this time. This card speaks to the mental exhaustion from going around and around in circles. Are you engaged in blaming, revenge or general negative feelings about yourself or others? Do you find that you are constantly explaining yourself to prove how you are right? This card brings home the understanding that It is more important to be kind than to be right, and it also tells us that it's time to surrender and walk away if no fair victory can be won in our dealings with others.

When we are on the defensive it's nearly impossible for us to gain the understanding necessary to come to terms with another. Its important to see the other persons point of view even if you don't agree with it, you can still have compassion for them. Holding all beings, along with yourself, in the highest regard raises all of us to great heights. It's no wonder the accompanying card is "Choose Peace". There is always a peaceful alternative to conflict. What could you do today to bring about more peace in your circumstances and relationships? If you are having a hard time finding peace for yourself I recommend meditation, yoga, or laying in nature. Choose peace and you will become peace. 

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