Goal Setting

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Setting financial goals is an effective way to creating the type of financial prosperity and stability that we desire. In order to set financial goals we need to assess our current financial situation to understand where we are, and then identify feasible goals about where we want to go. I like having goals that are small and measurable so that they are achievable, and give us the right amount of momentum that we need to move forward.

Being with our financial situation may trigger various fears and anxieties and prevent us from getting to a place of creating goals. I find that one efficient way of reducing the stress around being with our financial situation is sharing the entire situation as it is with a friend in an honest way. Having someone witness our situation really dissolves a lot of our financial stress as we realize that we are not alone, and that there is plenty of support for what we are going through. This takes all the pressure off and as the fear and anxiety dissolve into “oh that’s not that bad” it allows us to just simply take a look at where we are, so that we can objectively and rationally make some plans for the future. The key is to just accept our financial situation as it is, without judging one way or the other.

Setting goals can be fun and playful as it gives us a structure to move forward with our various projects. I find that by setting a financial goal and writing it down, ideas and specific plans start being created in my mind that I wouldn’t have access to if I hadn’t set the goal to begin with. Once we have the actions we need to take in place, we have a clear route to achieving the type of financial success we would like to meet our human needs with elegance.

To learn more about how to set goals financial goals and achieve them in an elegant way enroll in my Financial Freedom workshop on September 16th at Maha Rose in Brooklyn.

Greg Kogan is a financial abundance counselor at Maha Rose.

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