Hump Day Oracle for Wednesday 9/9

By Rebecca Conran

Are you in the process of closing the door on something, a relationship, a job, a way of living, an idea about yourself, which you were attached to? This card speaks to endings and losses and the power that deep emotions have in growing you in awareness. Breakdowns are really breakthroughs as they pave the way for real tangible growth. When we experience change there is inevitably a period of anxiety, resistance and sorrow as we adjust, this is normal and should be honored and surrendered to. The pain you are feeling is not to make you miserable, it's to make you more aware. Where there is awareness there can be contentment and peace. Be tender towards yourself, nurture this period of transition. Life cycles and this period will soon turn too.

The support card today tells you that now is your time to come out of the closet. Let go of any judgements you have about being yourself and sharing where you are at, let people get to know the real you. Share your true experience. You are spiritually supported in lovingly allowing others to see your authentic self. You are likeable and loveable. Trust.

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