Hump Day Oracle for Wednesday 9/2

By Rebecca Conran

Well folks you don't get any clearer than the messages we are receiving today. Our first card is "Postponement" it speaks to a woman living in a world of shades of grey always looking out at a seemingly unattainable world of colors. Go out and get your colors!

When we live for tomorrow, tomorrow never comes. When we feel like we will never have what we desire, we never do. What have you been putting off for another day? Its time to make strides in having the life you want. You might have to let go of something that although comfortable in some way, is ultimately unsatisfying to you. Now is the time to live your full potential. This card says there is no time like today for making your dreams come into reality.

The supporting card is "The Choice" it couldn't be more in alignment with today's reading. It is safe for you to choose now. There is no wrong choice when you choose what is in your heart. It's time to step up, trust in the bountiful universe and choose you.

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