Hump Day Oracle for Wednesday 8/26

By Rebecca Conran

The card for today is "Experiencing" also known as the three of wands. You have gone the distance and the end is in sight. You have had to come to terms with a lot lately. You have worked hard and it has been a struggle. This card speaks to heading into a period of greater stability.

Often when we are in difficulty we are too busy trying to get out of it to experience and appreciate how we are growing and how the struggle can serve us.

This card asks us to be present for everything we experience, even the most mundane of tasks, even the most painful. Experience where you are, knowing that this moment will also shift and that all the toiling will reap reward soon enough. This card reminds us to: take time to smell the roses.

The support card is "Health & Healing". In alignment with the Virgo energy that we have just moved into, this is a time to concentrate on your health and vitality. Get clear about the details of your health routines. You are healing, from relationship hurt, to career stress, and it's paramount that you focus your intentions on the best self care at this time. 

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