Hump Day Oracle for Wednesday 8/19

by Rebecca Conran

Today our main card is "New Love". This card tells us that new opportunities to love are on there way! Keep affirming that you are indeed loving, lovable and worthy of the love that you desire romantically or otherwise. Sometimes love comes in small gifts, be open to receive them, a compliment, or a thoughtful message from a friend to name a couple. This card also says that if you are currently committed but are looking outside of your relationship for fulfillment, you will repeat the problems of your current relationship again if you don't work to confront issues in the here and now. 

The supportive card "Boundaries" says that there is a difference of giving of yourself and giving up yourself. The time we are in is very personal and introspective, and it's paramount that you assert your needs first. You are the most important person to you. Guilt and obligation have no place in service to others. Nurture yourself, you can't give if your cup isn't full yourself. As you respect your own boundaries others will respect them too. What can you do today that says "I love me!". :) 

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