Viva Las Vegas! New Myths and New Moon in Leo

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By Becca Wolfson

This New Moon will join with Venus In Leo (yes, still retrograde), Sun In Leo, Mars In Leo, Uranus In Aries and Jupiter In Virgo.  We have Saturn sitting at that Tail End of Scorpio, and the North Node In Libra. So What does This Mean?

We are going to get very serious about pleasure.
(Oh, and possibly some winning at cards!)

Not merely the simple pleasures, though the earthy pleasures of board and bed, will certainly arouse our interest, but those deeper pleasures of creations, art and games, and the myth-making of life. We are sitting in the dark, waiting for the light of the fire to catch hold. Dig in deep, says the end of Saturn in Scorpio, we are so close, almost giving up, but the match of this New Moon is ready to catch hold, and light your soul on fire.

If it is warm, make it warmer. If it is dark, go darker. Whatever it is, lean in long enough, feel into it hard enough, to find the pleasure. The pleasures of playing at life, while letting it be very very serious. This is a game of life and death, but it is still a game. If you have forgotten how to dance, how to listen to the sensations of wind and the hear the caress within the cacophony, this new moon invites you to discover ancient games of pleasure and creation.

If you have spent too much time this summer working, searching, or excavating, you may find yourself pressed up against the old myths you have lived by, and feel a bit dead, worn-out, exhausted by what can feel like the eternal pressures of life. But wait! How does change happen? It seems to be bit by bit, because it is.... It seems to be through toil, because that is demanded. But what about the fire?

When things begin to burn, when fire takes hold, it is no longer possible to hold back.

What are the old myths you have been living by that are ready to burn? What are the new dreams ready to break free? There will be a serious edge to all of this, there will be deep roots and revolution. But we are discovering a new sense of light and hope to the elements of oppression (both personal and universal). If there is a sense of peekaboo to your inner world, play with the elusive inspiration. If you are struggling with a particular issue, problem or thorn in your side, see if you can bring a sense of delight to the exhaustion or irritability, whether it is other people, your children, your proverbial children, your art, your scholarly pursuits, or just your life, see if you can find a way to play with the exhausted edges. Make it New. Even when it seems old.

Have you been telling yourself the same story over and over and over? Rewrite history. Make a myth out of this moment. Make a myth out of the mundane. Make magic in the dark and let it burn.

Becca Wolfson is an astrologer and therapist working in Brooklyn. She is available for private sessions at Maha Rose.

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