Hump Day Oracle for Wednesday, August 12th, 2015

by Rebecca Conran
Todays oracle card is "Authority" also known as "The Emperor". This card represents the qualities of leadership, logic and personal power. With the moon in cancer today it's important to balance our emotions with intellect. Remembering that feelings aren't facts this card asks us to use reasoning and wisdom when approaching our choices rather than free reigning emotions.. Now is the time to be your own leader and exert structure into your every day dealings. To help balance the emotions, get into the body today through meditation or movement. 

The support card is "Flow of Prosperity". Your financial intentions are coming to fruition so stop worrying about money. You are more capable of manifesting what you desire when you focus on gratitude and the present moment rather than worry. Fear feeds fear so focus on all the riches you already have wether they be good health, friendship or a good nights sleep. All is well. 

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