Hump Day Oracle for Wednesday 7/29

by Andrew Shea | | | 0 Comments

Hello friends! The oracle card for todays energy is "Harmony" which is also known as The Lovers in traditional tarot. This card is often times viewed as a romantic omen, and while it can be reflective of partnership and union taking place, it also speaks of harmonizing the masculine and feminine parts of ourselves. Finding balance. Do you over intellectualize? are you constantly doing, achieving, pursuing, fixing? Or do you find the opposite is true and you find it hard to balance your emotional body? This card speaks of letting both the masculine and feminine elements work together, in harmony. Relationships are reflections of our inner beliefs, mirrors of where we are at in our own personal journey, when relationships are out of whack they are usually showing us what is out of whack with our relationship with ourselves. Balance your relationship with yourself by nurturing and embracing all the elements, and you'll find that you naturally balance your relationships with others. With Venus being in retrograde, its no wonder that this card has popped up today! 

The support card for today is "Freedom" 
This card is very similar to The Lovers as it also asks us to make choices in certain relationships by taking an honest inventory. what am I learning in this relationship? Is this relationship for my highest good? Is this relationship empowering and encouraging me? During this time, were asked to have a clear vision of what we want, both to heal the relationships we are in, and draw in other beneficial ones. This card tells us that we have the power and the right to make choices to change our lives so that we experience more expansion, creativity and freedom. This card clearly asks us to hold firm to our boundaries and to say no to anything or anyone that who is imposing any rules that don't feel correct for you. If you need to step back and retreat at this time, to take a break and gain greater clarity that is fully supported by the universe! As always, make self care the greatest priority in your life. 

With Love, 

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