Card of the Week: July 27, 2015

Welcome to the Queen of Pentacles! She is no stranger to here. We greeted her last spring and here she comes again to review a few midsummer lessons. Let’s listen to the master gardener.

The Queen of Pentacles, water of earth, hands us our garden tools and asks us to get to our weeding. Things are growing, flowers are in full bloom, and perhaps we are noticing a few other items growing in between the blossoms. Some unwanted weeds? The time is now to love them, sit with them, and watch them wither away under our radiant sun of compassion. The Queen of Pentacles loves those cares away and attends to planting new seeds of awareness that will eventually flower into prosperity on the mind, body, and soul levels.

Often the Queen of Pentacles also reminds us to focus on your own seed, encouraging you to tend your own garden first and then help others tend theirs. Several readings of late have begged the question, “What is my seed in the first place?” And the Queen of Pentacles is here to say that your true purpose is sitting before you in your lap. Like Harry Potter in the Alchemist’s Stone: imagining that you have the stone and tapping into the feelings you experience with that stone already in your pocket is everything. That is the alchemy--trusting that leads to the knowing that is already here. 

So what does all this mean? Bring out the everyday magic. Cultivate the green in your life. Bring forth your day with creativity and tune into your desire. Use the Leo sun to be bold and courageous and hold your seed to the light--tell it what you know, then plant it deep into the loving earth.

Carolyn Agis is available for walk-in Tarot readings at Maha Rose and by appointment. She is also available for teaching the Tarot one-on-one or in small groups.

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