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Financial abundance & human needs – A perspective on how to choose our work.

As Tony Robbins has written, we have six major needs in life. Let’s look at how money plays a role in helping us meet each of those needs to create sustainable happiness and fulfillment.

The need for certainty – We need to know that we have a roof over our head and have enough resources to sustain our lifestyle.

The need for variety – We need to change things up on occasion, as in have sushi one night and Thai food another. This helps keep things interesting and exciting.

The need for significance – We need to feel significant and important, like being needed by others.

The need for connection and love – We need to connect deeply with others and share in authentic and meaningful ways. This includes giving and receiving love through touch, gifts, kind words, deep listening, care and advice.

The need for growth – We need to grow and develop our personality and our mind/body energy system. As we grow, we mature and become more aligned with our higher self-consciousness and express more of our true self. We find more of our power and our gifts and evolve past certain negative beliefs and programming to be fully ourselves and reach our higher potential.

The need for contribution – We need to contribute to society and benefit the greater whole. We have this unique ability to harness our creative energy and offer something of benefit to society. In giving and making a contribution that is impactful, we feel a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.

As the first four needs are the needs of our human personality, the last two are the needs of our “I AM” consciousness that is part of our soul and the collective human soul. When planning how we dedicate our resources–including our time and our money–it’s good to know if we are fulfilling our personality needs or soul needs or both.

While it is great to have the safety of certainty, pleasure of variety and feelings of being needed, it’s only when we meet our soul needs for growth and contribution to the whole that we create deep fulfillment in our lives.

If you are interested in learning more, please join our Wednesday workshop at 7:30 p.m. and sign up here.

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