Hump Day Oracle for Wednesday July 22nd

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By Rebecca Conran
Were halfway through the work week so it's time for our new weekly installment of the hump day oracle! 
Today the confirmation card for where we are at in the greater consciousness is "Movement, Choices, Decisions". It's a 2 physical card and in traditional tarot mirrors the suit of pentacles, which has to do with our surroundings, how we create it, shape it and grow it. The number 2 relates to partnerships, and this card is confirming that it's time for us to consider our partnerships in all avenues of our lives. Were asked to really get clear about what we want. What brings you joy and fulfillment and how can you align with that? This is a significant time of movement within our relationships with others, wether on the work front or at home, and some big changes and choices must be made for each of us to attain the life we desire. With Venus going into retrograde on the 25th, more than ever right now we are being asked to get clear about what we value. When we don't follow the prompts of the universe and clear out what isn't working and what doesn't work within our value system, that is when we come up against resistance, pain and disappointment. This is an empowering card, while it is clear that some choices have to be made, the choice is YOURS. You are being asked to align to choices that feel authentic and healthy for you. This card also calls us to notice synchronicity and connection with everything, any so called "coincidences" are actually intuitive prompts from your higher self and guides so make sure your channel is open and willing to receive guidance and support. 
The card of practical advice today is "Let it Go". Okay universe, we heard you! We are being guided to stop pushing and struggling against the flow of life. Are you trying to make something happen that is clearly causing you or another distress and anxiety? Another term for that type of behavior is manipulation which creates blocks to us attaining our desires. When we try to control our world and force things to fit that don't our life feels very small. When we allow the universe to create for us, we open our lives up to unlimited solutions. This card is also asking us to let go of anger, un-forgiveness, hurt and anything else that is bringing you down. Have compassion for all human beings including those who have grieved you. Be gentle with yourself and everyone. Give it all to the universe and trust that you are being guided to the right relationships and job situations for you. 
With Love, 
Cards pulled  from "The Psychic Tarot" by John Holland and "Ascended Masters Oracle Cards" by Doreen Virtue

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