Here Comes The Rain Again. And Again. And.... (What's Good?) The tail end of Saturn in Scorpio meets Retrograde Venus

by Becca Wolfson, Astrologer

I won't lie; the end of this Saturn in Scorpio cycle has a creepy dark edge. And now that the Sun has moved into the royal sign of Leo, and shines it light down on us, much that has been hidden becomes illuminated. Old crimes, ancient joys and skeletons in the closet, all will be revealed, and it isn't all pretty. Don't be dismayed (or surprised) if you find yourself mired down in swampy old feelings; it isn't just the humidity, it's the end of what feels like an endless clearing process. Hang in there, and see it through. Finish the release, even if it seems to be useless, frustrating, or boiling over with mushy resentment. What needs to be moved will move, either way, so you may as well engage in the dance. See if you can let grace lead, and trust that you already know the right steps. Let me repeat (and sorry if I have been saying this for awhile) "it always seems darkest before the dawn." If you feel as if your proverbial psyche is oscillating between fire, endless stretches of highway, and the deep dark depths of the ocean, that is because it is. Stop trying to make sense of everything and anything. Surrender to the absurd mystery, and the truth of your gut.

This Saturn in Scorpio business is No Joke, y'all. This is the real deal.  We can see it on both a global and personal scale, that this is the time of reckoning... Some of it is just the ongoing clearing away of dead brush from the 2011/2012-2015 cycle, and some of it goes back further, but started emerging then. Some examples: The Ongoing Truthing of Cosby as Abuser; Seeing Pluto; Climate Change; Police Brutality and the Racist Structure of the Prison-Industrial Complex. Corporate scandals; Financial Scandals; Structural Fires and Collapses. This is Big Shit.

Here Comes The Rain Again.... We hope. We wait.

This is the lost highway. The earth and the world keep spinning, but we have gone way beyond GPS. Even as everything seems to be mapped, known, watched, hidden, surprises keep coming. This is a deeply non-linear moment. Everything seems familiar and unknown at the same time. Hope meets Despair; Faith meets Doubt. The trick is to surrender, but not to give in. Or to give in and not surrender. Imagine it as the dream eschatology of Godot and David Lynch with a soundtrack of hope. We will all wake up, and discover that we have been lucid dreaming all along. I hope....

So do not be be surprised if the next 2 months continue to hang a bit low and heavy, and feel like the fruit on the vine has grown over-ripe. Surprising persons and moments from the past may appear. Treat it all as a waking dream down the lost highway. And try to just keep riding along. After all, we don't seem to have a choice. So see if you can ask yourself, "What's Good?" Even when it may seem as if nothing is. Lou Reed wrote the elegaic beauty of Magic and Loss, after losing 2 beloved friends, the brilliant Doc Parmus and another friend, 'Rita', to cancer. Where is the magic in loss? As Reed offers us the questions and the answers in, 'What's Good?' about cancer, about loss, about the post-post-modern life, keeps looking, and so to must we all.... Even when it feels like too much. Bearing witness to our own and other's reality, sometimes, that has to be enough, to honor the truth.  As Reed puts it in Magic and Loss,  "You're stuck with yourself and a rage that can hurt you/You have to start at the beginning again.”

Closing credits ::: lou reed, what’s good.

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