Card of the Week: July 20, 2015

All hail the Hierophant. You are most definitely welcome here. A beautiful teacher from the sign of Taurus sits before us, hands raised, blessing the initiates. We are all initiates in this place, dear reader, and together we tune into our inner ears and listen quietly. The Hierophant is with us and with this card is a beautiful benediction.

Today we see the Hierophant in a reversed position, and the wisdom of this card in reversal asks us to investigate the perceived separateness around us. The Hierophant’s hand is raised in a mudra that denotes “what you see is not all there is” a gesture that we recognize from the 10 of swords or “card of the golden dawn”. When we only use our eyes to see, we constantly delineate between elements, we focus on the outlines--where we end and where the next person or thing begins. But when we turn to our intuition, to our “inner tutor” we decipher reality beyond appearance and tap into the yogic unity of our life experience.

This card is a perfect card to grow large in your mind and walk through its door. Go to it. Bring yourself to a quiet place and descend the stairs to your inner school. Walk into a space perfectly tailored for you and sit at the desk from your dreams. Look at this card deeply and let it grow as large as the room--large enough for you to walk into and visit the Hierophant for yourself. The Hierophant is a figure who literally interprets and shares the sacred mysteries and as we know, “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear”.

Carolyn Agis is available for walk-in Tarot readings at Maha Rose and by appointment. She is also available for teaching the Tarot one-on-one or in small groups.

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