Card of the Week: July 6, 2015

All hail the 6 of cups. You are welcome here. Our Scorpion Lord of Pleasure smiles upon us.

As seen throughout the year, sixes in the minor arcana represent the highest manifestation of that suit. In this card, we have the suit of cups, the element of water, the act of connecting, relating and feeling. The six of Cups asks us for us to connect on a deep level with each other and most importantly, with ourselves.

Look closely at the figures in the landscape: the two children are actually representations of the major arcana Fool and Empress cards. Here the Fool lovingly gives a cup overflowing with white lilies to the child Empress, the conduit of all creativity and the combination of earth and water.

The 6 of cups invites us to allow ourselves to take the risk and give ourselves sincerely to our creative impulse, to feel the desire of what we want to connect with on a emotional level, and to drink deeply of what truly nourishes us.

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