Spiritual Speed Dating: Being Nobody But Yourself


Authenticity. Compassion. Spontaneity. Hmmmm. Sounds good in theory and feels even better in reality. These are the types of interactions we are seeking as spiritual singles in New York and we invite you to experiment with and experience them this Saturday evening at spiritual speed dating.

We will begin with a meditation to tap into our feelings, and follow with a brief demonstration on how to “check-in” with your conversational companion. It’s all about being “nobody but yourself”, focusing on the feelings you are feeling and sharing that with the precious person sitting on the pillow across from you. When you express your feelings in the moment, a beautiful openness and vulnerability begins to blossom, giving permission for your partner to do the same. Nothing is more appealing than your authentic presence. And in the long-lasting lusciousness of the Now, the intuition of your true self takes over and spontaneity arises, leading to deep intimacy and a sense of aliveness.

Unafraid and unashamed, we are here to truly see each other and do the most courageous thing we can do with another: be present. Be here now and find the words to express the feeling that “Here I love you”.

Spiritual Speed Dating is a collaborative project between practitioners Carolyn Agis, Elyssa Jakim, and Yasminca Wilson at Maha Rose with featured guests. The next speed dating evening is the straight edition on June 6 at 7 p.m. where practitioner Greg Kogan will guest and co-lead the meditation. We hope you can make it!

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