Card of the Week: May 11, 2015

Hail dearest Queen of Pentacles. You are welcome here. Water of earth, this Queen brings with her the promise of fertile lands and verdant horizons. But we must recognize that there are important lessons to heed while in her reversed state.

Like all pentacle court cards (King, Queen, and Knight) this queen’s skyscape is yellow, reminding us that even the earth cards (pentacles) derive from Spirit. Like the yellow sky of the Fool, Magician, or Strength, we know that we are suffused with Spirit and the non-visible wonders of this world. The Queen of Pentacles is a great nurturer. The rabbit in the right foreground speaks to the fecundity of what she puts her mind to. Governing the initial days of Capricorn (and a few late days of Sagittarius) our queen loves to attend to her work. It is her joy to bring creativity to the project at hand and nurture the seed that rests in her lap.

The reversed nature of our queen asks us to look towards our own seed first. What are the tasks that you have been brought here to do--what are you actively choosing to cultivate--how do you focus on your purpose which will then give birth to other’s succeeding in their aspirations?

A few months ago my mother took the seeds of a humble tomato and dried them on a cloth. After a few days she gently scooped the dried seeds with teaspoons of water into a tray of fresh dirt. Then she let them sit silently in the sun room. Months later, her tray is filled with the beginnings of beautiful tomato plants--so many that she will be gifting them to all the neighbors come summer. She showed me this tray on Mother’s Day and we caught each other’s eye, thinking the same thought at once “out of one, many.”

And so dear reader, attend to yourself and ask, “how many apple trees are contained within a single apple?”

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