Card of the Week: April 6, 2015

The Star returns! We saw this card previously in November. You can read more about that original entry here. As we saw in the fall, the Star bears a message of hope and balance, a return to nature and harmony. It is gentle and healing and resounds with the reverberations of the number 8, via the eight pointed star hovering in the sky and the sum of the 17th card itself, 1+7=8.

Ruled by Aquarius, the Star card holds the ethereal element of air. The Star’s emphasis on the mind reminds us that the best way to elevate the world of the mind is through meditation, balance, and harmony with nature. The naked truth kneels before us beneath that beauty-filled constellation, unashamed and fully absorbed in her task of bearing equal parts water. The number 8 (an infinity sign standing straight up) speaks to timelessness, the type of timelessness you experience when in meditation and connected between the worlds within and without you. Eights also speak to learning and balance--reaping what you sow and learning from that endless process.

But how do we live the light of life that is in the Star? We must embrace the binary experience of seeking and knowing simultaneously. You are in your quest to listen to the stillness as we emerge from the shadow of the eclipse last weekend. Become absorbed in the quiet and the inner knowing will grow louder. It will be heard in many forms, like the flowers calling or the poet writing. T.S. Eliot writes, “And the lotus rose, quietly, quietly. The surface glittered out of heart of light.” Be that lotus on the rise, seeking and knowing simultaneously, and know that you too “glitter out of heart of light”.

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