Card of the Week: March 30, 2015

Hello dear Ten of Cups. A pisces card of fulfillment and dreams. All that has been sought is fulfilled. Emotions are complete and arms are raised high as a couple united becomes the magician together. The tenth sephirah on the Tree of Life is the last moment of that suit, in this case, cups. To understand the suit of cups, let’s look at the cup as an activity, not as a thing. What is “being the cup”? What is the activity of being a cup? Being a cup is being open to receive, being courageous to receive and be filled. It overflows and pours. It is generous with what it contains, be it “good” or “bad”. The activity of a cup is one of holding and then sharing.

Here the ten of cups is the complete fulfillment of what it means to be a cup--the activity of being a cup has gone beyond splendor to complete satiation. Gone is the distinction between holding and sharing--it’s all one. And it’s magnificent.

There is celebration, there is joy, there is cup-full-nes, supported by the ancient covenant of the rainbow--the blessed assurance from God that provision presides. But let us zoom into the essence of a rainbow for a moment--what is it? It is the reflection and dispersion of  light from water. The clear and nourishing water that fills these ten cups reflects light which becomes a spectrum of color to cover the earth. We are blessed, indeed.

Take joy, dear ones. The Ten of Cups is here to remind us that victory is ours. The male and female within us all holds each other close at the waist--intimate and connected. Let us throw our arms up together creating the V of victory. Make yourself visible and expand your chest! Let your heart proclaim that it is full and that its fullness is enough. It alway is. In that satisfaction and satiation we experience our joy. At last, we know the activity of being a cup.

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