Card of the Week: March 23, 2015

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by Carolyn Agis

Oh hail Strength! Here is the card for Leo as we enter Aries, how lovely to have so much fire in one moment. What do we see here with the Strength card...where have we seen her before and who can we know her as...the female Magician, of course. But what hints at her identity? Look to the lemniscate (infinity sign = rhythm of eternity) above her head. We have seen this before, seven cards earlier in the Magician card of the Major Arcana.

Every Major Arcana card represents a particular intelligence, and the Strength card holds the  Intelligence of the Secret of all Spiritual Activities. She knows the transmutation that occurs in the equation between the mingling of dark and light. Her flower is the sunflower and her crystal is cat’s eye. Strength bears this intelligence because she confronts the shadowy subconscious (lion) and with immense grace and ease, allows it to roar. Strength knows the opening and closing of the shadow self and does not fear its presence; rather, she gives it the space and permission it needs to bear witness to itself...which can be terrifying. Daniel in the lion’s den is not a comforting thought. But unlike Daniel’s tale, the angel is not sent to close the lion’s mouth. On the contrary, she is there to open it.

Strength lives in the Tree of Life on the passage from Mercy to Severity and back again. This is where true strength knows itself--where she has the courage to experience the gift-giving bounty of Jupiter and then traverse the middle column to hold the intense action of Mars.

You are not alone on this passage between light and dark and light again. The guardian angel of Strength is here with you and she knows how to give the creative expression of Leo to the subconscious when necessary. Do not doubt her. Believe. Therein lies your strength. 

Carolyn Agis is available for walk-in Tarot readings at Maha Rose and by appointment.



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