My Mondays at Maha

by Helen Buron

Not so long ago, I had a bad case of the "Mondays".  Working a full-time job that required me to start my week of work bright and early on a Monday morning got me in the habit of cherishing my weekends and dreading the arrival of Sunday nights, knowing that another Monday was on its way.  I'm sure there are many who can relate to this phenomena that rings back to past memories of school days.
Within this past year, however, I no longer work at that full-time job and now I spend my Mondays at Maha Rose.  I arrive in the morning and with the opening of the door, I'm beckoned into a sanctuary to start off my week.  Usually, I spend my first few hours in the space cleaning, which is a very grounding activity for me.  Clearing the space, I can feel (with a grin and an appreciation) the lingering energy and love from all the healing and lovely people who have passed through over the weekend of workshops and sessions.  Mondays at Maha are magical.  There's a calm, chill vibe some days - a quiet for pondering, reflecting, meditating.  On others, Rebecca (who does walk-ins sessions on Mondays! Check out this interview with her on the blog), Luke (check out his profile here), and I will blast some cosmic tunes that get our creative juices flowing!
And on these special Mondays, I've realized the beauty and mystery of Maha Rose.  She shifts and changes and holds you exactly as you need to be held on any given day. My invitation to you is to explore and experience all ways that Maha Rose can give to you.  Perhaps it's through a full, packed evening weekend workshop and a glass of magic, alkalizing Kangen water (my favorite new hashtag is #healingisthenewnightlife).  Perhaps it's stopping by on a quiet weekday morning for a cup of tea and some crystal love.  Maybe it's stepping out of your comfort zone to try an intriguing class or a new modality on day where you're feeling restless or brave.  Or maybe it's a poppin' in on a boppin', busy weekday afternoon for an one-on-one healing session with one of the amazing practitioners who work here.  
Whether you are a longtime fan or a new admirer, Maha Rose Center for Healing supports you on your journey of healing.  We appreciate faces new and old and look forward to the next time you stop by.  Keep your joy on! 

Helen Buron is an energy healing practitioner, holistic health coach, and an artist with a mission to guide herself and others in finding ways to Come Home to Our Bodies.  She writes about her adventures and her healing practice on her blog at  

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