Card of the Week: March 17, 2015

by Carolyn Agis

The Lord of Swiftness is upon us. Count them, eight! Eight wands in perfect angle to each other, focused and charging towards “the mark”. The Sagittarius archer has released these fiery wands to fly on the winds of speedy Mercury. Marshal your wands of will, dear reader, the Spring Equinox and new moon are upon us this week!

Although the energy of the Eight of Wands can diffuse quickly, when this card is upright and in its highest polarity, you truly experience the splendor of will power that is aligned and shooting forward towards one unified vision. The word sin actually originates from an archery term that refers to missing the mark or “missing the gold at the center of the target”. We wish to launch our intent in the swiftest means possible, but faulty aim diffuses our energy. Our Eight of Wands knows no judgement, just exhaustion. He risks not having the energy to aim and shoot again if too much energy is expelled in the first unfocused attempt.

Last week we explored the Five of Wands and experienced the severity of testing. Here the infinite “8” elevates us to the magnificence of fire—the speed at which it consumes and transforms simultaneously. Our Eight of Wands moves fast and merely asks you to slow yourself in advance to line up your intention before launching your ideas.

 Dandayamana-Dhanurasana, also known as Standing Bow pose in yoga, allows us to physically experience our Eight of Wand’s wisdom. Focus your gaze upon your third eye. Reach up and reach down and kick your leg up and out. Concentrate deeply on what it is you seek and lower your body down, parallel to the ground while you look directly over your shoulder to the horizon ahead. Feel the traction as your arms pull apart. In that kicking and stretching is the splendor of the Eight of Wands.

Crowley says “Do as thou wilt”. Just remember that the speed at which you do depends upon your aim.


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