Card of the Week: March 10th

by Carolyn Agis

Hello dear five of wands, upright in all your glory. You are welcome here. The “testing” card of the suit of wands guides us as we dance these last days of winter into spring.

All the fives of the minor arcana (wands, cups, swords, and pentacles) represent the moment of “Severity” of that suit. They are the “breaking” moments in the suit, where our deep dive into the lower depths of that element present us with the golden opportunity to truly metabolize the lesson.

As we wake from the hibernation of winter, we can redirect our will beyond the drive to survive. We are invited to envision what we see for ourselves this year with all the energy of fire. The zodiacal new year is just around the corner, and with it Aries, the audacious newborn is ready to pierce the surface of the frosty earth, saying, “here I am!”

But the five of wands shows us the complicated nature, when all the “I am’s” begin to rise up and begin bludgeoning each other to stake their own individual claim. The Five of Wands asks us to step into our power for real, by recognizing the truth of will power.

What does it mean when Jesus said “blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth”? Does that mean that we are to shy away from what it is that we seek? Are we to be submissive in an aggressive world and allow our will to become background music?


In short: how do you stand up for who you are, what you need, and still allow?


Herein lies the counsel of the Five of Wands, severity of the suit of fire. She lies on the feminine pillar on the Tree of Life. She knows what it means to be tested in a masculine world and she recognizes that by becoming relaxed and present in the now, you can bear witness to the dance and with it, the opportunity to join in seamlessly. Stand beside the carousel and watch it go around. See the ride you want, wait for its approach and then seize it. If you take this magic moment to watch and wait, you’ll get the ride you want—because you became still, fixed your vision and allowed it to come to you.


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