Card of the Week: Feburary 9th, 2015

By Carolyn Agis

Two of Pentacles

Here we are, Two of Pentacles, and oh the lessons you bring. Light on your feet, you, dear Two of Pentacles, are indeed the Lord of Harmonious Change.

This two brings in the expansiveness and play of our beloved Jupiter within the serious minded sign of Capricorn. Duality within dance is nothing new. Our Two of Pentacles tips his hat (and what a hat it is!) to Hindu deity, Shiva, who also demonstrates such polarities. Imagine one pentacle representing “Lasya” the dance of creation and the other pentacle symbolizing “Tandava” the dance of destruction. The balance between the two is an infinite flow as seen in the infinity sign that wraps around each pentacle.

The portal of the two’s in the Tarot is about Wisdom. In this case, the Two of Pentacles bears the wisdom of the suit of Pentacles, namely that all this in physical world is bound to change. It is the story of the king that asked his kingdom to make him a ring that would make him both laugh and cry. The resulting ring was a simple band with a single inscription on the inside stating, “This too shall pass.” In our greatest moments of pleasure, our hearts grow heavy anticipating the ending of such a sensation, and similarly, we find relief knowing that great pain will end.

The wisdom of the Two of Pentacles shines forth here. He is the pied piper beckoning us magicians to pick up our feet, singing “dance, Magic, dance.”


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