Card of the week: January 19th, 2015

By Carolyn Agis

“ I recognize the manifestation of the undeviating Justice in all the circumstances of my life.” --The Pattern on the Trestleboard, Builders of the Adytum

Hello dear Five of Pentacles. You are so welcome here. In fact we need you as we stand witness to all that is happening around us. Although we sometimes shudder and shake at the presence of the fives, we know that at the heart of these testing cards, is the a gateway to the Divine. It is our task as seekers of the Tarot to walk through the gate given to us in answer to our questions. It’s alright, we can hold hands together through this one, but first a little mystical context...

In the Kabbalah, there are ten sephiroths on the Tree of Life. Each of the sephirot on the tree represents a name of God, and the name of God is also a gateway to God. All fives--wands, cups, swords, or pentacles--share the same name, in this case that of the fifth sephirot, Gevurah or severity. Severity lies on the feminine axis on the tree (you can also relate this axis to the Ida nadi that runs along the left side of the spine governing yin energies). It’s no surprise that the female axis grants us access to the gateway of Severity, where testing becomes the portal to the Divine in our life.

The five of Pentacles is testing on the material plane: dis-ease, loss, impoverishment. We see here two figures that appear as outcasts, lepers, beggars, who are wandering in the darkened snow. At first glance we go straight to fear--I don’t want to be those figures--they look poor, ill, and alone! But take a second look, dear readers, and you will see they are just outside a place of worship--a place of illumination--with an anchor in the stained glass just above. Their hope, their strength, and their solace lie within. It is the yellow of Spirit that continually manifests in the Tarot and reminds us: our spirit is what drives us forth while grounding us down. Allow your Spirit to be your anchor when the physical side of things seems forlorn or forsaken.  This card represents Mercury in Taurus. Mercury who likes to move fast, being forced to slow it down in earth-bound Taurus. It truly is a test.

So please, dear reader, slow it down. Mercury is already in shadow and retrograde is upon us. Do not be confused by what the world is telling you is “real”. The testing that you are experiencing is truly a gateway to the Divine within yourself. I promise. No need to fear, just walk through it. I’ll see you on the other side.


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