Card of the Week: January 12th, 2015

By Carolyn Agis

The beloved is with us this week. Make way for the two of cups! According to the Order of the Golden Dawn, the two of cups is known as the Lord of Love, represented by the planet of Venus in the zodiac sign of Cancer. Well, isn’t that nice?

The beautiful planet of Venus, goddess of love, summoning in harmony, beauty, and grace. Making her way into Cancer, she nestles in, gently touching the sensitivity and sensuality of the inner self. Our card shows the high priestess facing the magician--each lifting their cup to each other. The female and male archetypes at their best, standing beneath the healing ways of the caduceus, also known as Hermes’ staff. His staff protects trade and commerce, granting good fortune to partnerships, but it also represents the element of mercury in alchemy.

The alchemical marriage is upon us! And so, the Lord of Love sweetly asks: What duality within yourself do you wish to unite? Is there opposition in your life that the beauty of Venus can heal and bless? Can you extend your cup first to yourself and then share it with the other? And most importantly, can you see yourself as your own true love first and foremost? Keep this card with you and remember your beloved is here.


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