Card of the Week: December 8th

by Carolyn Agis

Welcome Queen of Wands. Your warmth is so needed here in the early throes of December. The Queen of Wands brings the elements of fire and water into union. She is the witch of the deck, and we can go as far as to say, one of the several alchemists that smiles upon us. She understands the process of transmutation where fire can be used to heat water and transform its very nature.

Oh, Queen of Wands. How can we apply your wisdom here?

She bears the same capacity for vision that all wands carry and initiates change with the fire-starter impulse of Aries, the first sign of the zodiac. She initiates change with the start of Spring and reminds us of the strength that each bud possesses as it pushes its way to the sun. As Allen Ginsberg says in his poem Transcription of Organ Music, “you too must seek the sun…”

And so in this early grey days of December, remember the sun is within you. And this inner light is what opens the inner eye to shine and illuminate the darkness around us. Nestle into yourself and set your sight on what is growing within you. Moments of clarity can grow in the grey silence of winter. Sit tall on your throne, hold your sunflower high, and salute all that is magical within you. Zoom out of your story and experience the expansiveness that results from honoring the sun within.


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