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by Lindsay Fauntleroy

When most people think of songs of the season, they think of the holiday cheer that has bombarded the speakers of every store and coffee shop. But instead of feeling like decking the halls, most of my friends, family and patients are still experiencing the grief, wonder, and reflective stillness of autumn's Metal Element as we transition into the deep Yin of Winter.   

Every fall as the leaves turn gold and red, my daughter observes the solemn autumn air and announces, "I miss Pop", her grandfather who passed two years ago.  With confusion around Gaza, Ferguson, and the Native American Day of Mourning in many of our hearts, the Metal Element invites us come to terms with both our personal grief and collective loss.   

Yet the Metal element also gifts us with inspiration, present presence, and transcendence, which we can all tap into at this time of year.

Holiday magic and cheer is just around the bend, with Christmas, the Solstice, Hannakah and spiritual traditions the world over celebrating the return of light after a period of darkness. But first, let's get to know the ancient Metal element through a contemporary soundtrack, and key flower essences to balance the waves of emotion that may flood us in the Fall:

#1-  Star People by Fertile Ground
We keep missing, and missing, and missing, and missing the point... 
Of who we are and why came.
And as this reality deceives us, we get caught and lose our aim.... 
We get in the way of ourselves and we dismiss the call.  
We get in the way of ourselves, and make it so hard...  
Star people come down we are preparing to be with you again.
Don't judge me. I know there are at least two Fertile Ground songs on every one of my element playlists.  But what can I say? The group is cosmically in tune!  And there's no denying that Star People is a Metal element classic. Not only does it honor the beings of light that have passed on or are getting ready to be born, it reminds us to look skyward and to connect to our true purpose.  The Metal Element reminds us that "We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience." Star Tulip flower essence helps us to listen to the subtle whispering of our souls, allowing us to slow down enough to reconnect to why we are here and what we are really up to.

#2- Sueno Con Ella (I Dream of Her)  by Buika
The aching, gut wrenching wail of Buika in this song gives voice to the profound grief or longing of the Metal Element. Whether through death, divorce,  or plain ole' universal wisdom, the pain of losing someone we cherish is undeniable.  In Sueno con Ella, the singer dreams of her beloved- reliving their experiences through the ephemeral images stored in her heart.  In the same way, Forget-Me-Not flower essence helps us connect on a soul level to those who are no longer with us, affirming that our bond to those we've loved and lost is never truly broken. 

#3- Growing Old/ 13th Floor by OutKast
Something's got to change....
Sounds of laughter and happiness turn my teardrops to rain. 
Been bearing this burden for too many of my days - 
Looks like breezes of autumn done finally blew my way... 
Like memories of yesterday...
oohhhh....  in typical Metal Element fashion, the ATLiens album brings up waves of nostalgia for the 90's-  the golden era of hip hop and an equally magical time in my life. This somber tonality of Growing Old and the chorus brings me the quiet, inspired, stillness of the Metal Element.  It reminds us that in order for change to happen, we must let go of something...  like the famous Lao Tzu quote, "When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be".  In fact,  Sagebrush flower essence helps us to do just that.  It supports us in releasing what no longer serves us (negative emotions, bad habits, or simply clutter in the house) so that we become all that we might be.


Lindsay Fauntleroy MS LAc MA is a licensed acupuncturist and certified flower essence therapist who is committed to facilitating lasting change and transformation in the lives of her patients.

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