Card of the Week: December 1, 2014

by Carolyn Agis

Welcome to December and the Lord of Victory! The Six of Wands strides into this week ruled by Jupiter in Leo. Interestingly enough Jupiter is in Leo right now and will remain there until August 2015. It is a beautiful time to step into your courage and conjure within yourself how victory feels on a vibrational level.

Wands carry the energy of fire, speaking to our strength of spirit, self-confidence, and long term vision, while sixes represent beauty. This signification of the six originates from the Tree of Life in the Kabbalah, where ten sephirots (or emanations) depict ten steps respectively in the process of creation. The sixth sephirot (home to all of the sixes in the Tarot) is named “Tefiret” or Beauty. This beauty portrays the highest aspirations of that suit. Consider what is the highest aspiration for the fiery suit of wands. Victory, of course! But what is victory for you, and most importantly how does it feel?

The wands are not a suit for the concrete or tangible things of this world. On the contrary, wands are the first of four worlds, the world of emanation, and deal with things spiritual in nature. So this question of victory is not about what it looks like in your career or your dream home, but how amazing that victory feels within you. From the inside, the material manifestation will follow suit.

The Six of Wands asks you to be generous with yourself and celebrate the boldness of your best self. Meditate on that and victory will be yours, just as surely as fire is catching and water flows downstream.


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