Card of the Week: November 17th, 2014

The Star greets us mid November, ushering in a spirit of meditation and trust in nature. The 17th card of the major arcana, the Star card is a like a gentle balm after the Tower card. While the Tower shakes us to our core and reveals the truth of what is, the Star card then teaches that the next step on the path towards enlightenment is one of connection with nature and divine inspiration. Paul Foster Case writes, “when you have found the beginning of the way, the star of your soul will show its light.”

The eight pointed star in the sky refers to the eight pointed stars across mythologies and cosmologies. It represents the process of enlightenment in alchemical drawings—surrounded by seven planets, seven stages of the great work, seven chakras, etc. Behold! Here we receive the light of the Star of Venus, the Star of Ishtar, the Star of Lakshmi, the Morning star, the brightest star at the dawn all rolled into one. The woman, naked and down on one knee, is the personification of joy, feminine love, and motherhood. She is mother nature embodied. Her contact with her environment is immediate, direct, and open. Her cups are infinite and never run dry. Her presence is complete.

This week the Star invites us to connect with timelessness through meditation. We are encouraged to let go of the self-inflicted restraints we impose upon ourselves that confine our true nature. Your beauty-filled hidden essence is ready to be released. It is time to seek truth in the world of nature, not the world of man; to dream whatever is grandest within yourself. You wouldn’t have the dream if you didn’t have the magic within you to make it come true. As Maya Angelou writes: there is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” Connect to that story and share it with all of us. It is your right to share and our privilege to witness. The Star told me so.

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