Q&A with Rebecca Conran, Life & Wellness Coach and Energy Healer

Tell us about your sessions.

My sessions revolve around the idea that everyone is their own best healer and in order to create healthy new patterns we have to re-write the dysfunctional ones. My job is to help tune people into their own intuitive healing ability. In each session, first and foremost, I listen to my clients. By looking at symptoms such as physical ailments, overeating, emotional discomfort and also through using my clairsentience, I can determine where a client’s main energetic blockages are. Then intentions are set for the client’s health and happiness moving forward. With Reiki, we kickstart the process. I finish by giving the client intuitive feedback and homework to create real, lasting solutions that can eventually cure any issues, rather than just treating symptoms.

What’s the most rewarding aspect of your work?

Because I have such a deep connection with my own healing, it’s really exciting to share things that I know work when it comes to addressing suicidal clinical depression, food issues, sex and relationship issues, drugs and alcohol dependencies and more. I know that my clients can combat these issues, because I did it.

The work also gives purpose to the suffering that I have dealt with in my life. As I share what has worked for me, my experience is able to benefit others, allowing them to feel connected and hopeful, and to obtain real tangible results. I’m so grateful that I can honestly say to someone “you’re going to be okay.”

How did you get started?

Everything I have learned about healing started with needing to heal myself. I have worked with many healers, coaches, mentors and teachers to heal my own diverse set of problems. I put myself through nutrition school getting certified in holistic health and then getting certified in Reiki not to become a wellness practitioner but because I needed the help and information at the time! I honestly didn’t imagine that I would practice what I’m practicing. What I learned through my own healing process is that I have excelled at healing my emotions and balancing my mind. I’ve been to some very dark, rough places, found the courage to move through them, and now that is what I share with my clients. Everything I practice is holistic so it’s always a balance of mind, body and spirit. I feel so grateful to be a part of this work and to hold a supportive space for others in their healing difficulties.

What’s your favorite thing about reiki?

What I love about reiki the most is that it doesn’t give a damn what your mind thinks you want or need, it gives you what the universe knows you need! It’s always working for your highest good and benefit. It’s also really different for each person. Some people see colors during sessions, some feel sensations in their body. It really is unique to each individual.

What makes your treatments unique?

Well this isn’t unique to just me, but I believe the best thing I can do in my treatments is to take myself and my personal opinions out of the equation. I narrate the intuitive messages that come to me. I allow myself to be used as a channel for my clients to open up their own connection to divine wisdom. My hope is that eventually they can take me out of the equation knowing that each of us has the ability to have a clear and direct line to source and unlimited healing.

Rebecca Conran is available for energy therapy with Reiki and holistic health coaching at Maha Rose. 

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